“Pay It Forward” Community Event presented by Cheyenne Health Solutions

During Cheyenne Health Solution’s October Pay It Forward Community Special they will be providing all new patient evaluations including a complete examination, nerve scan, any necessary x-rays, a report of findings, and a follow-up visit with me to go over the results and receive any treatment recommendations.  Although this normally runs between $212-$314 depending on how many x-rays are needed, during the Pay It Forward special they will be providing all of these services for a flat and affordable fee of $50 which we will in turn be donating back to CALC.  In addition, if anyone participating in this special has a friend or family member who is suffering and is in need they can “Pay It Forward” and they will provide the same services for them at no charge.  This helps those seeking care, one of their friends or family members seeking care and it helps to financially support your organization to reduce poverty and help members of our community to self-sufficiency.

If you would like to know more about my company you can visit my website by clicking this link:  www.cheyennehealthsolutions.com if you go there and click on the green button that says “This month’s new patient community special” it will redirect you to the landing page of the Pay It Forward-Community Action of Laramie County Special.