Adopt a Family Kinship Christmas Program

With the holidays fast approaching, Community Action of Laramie County is gearing up for our annual Adopt-A-Family Event. The goal of this event is to provide each eligible, low-income family with a check early in December to purchase gifts for the children in their household. To do this, we are asking for monetary donations to fund the event. If you, family, friends, co-workers, or acquaintances would like to donate to this event, please see the attached Adopt-A-Family flyer for donation information. The more donations that Community Actions receives, the more we can help those less fortunate families in our community and ensure that each child can celebrate the magic of the season!

Additionally, if you know of any low-income or the struggling family in the community that could benefit from the event, please feel free to distribute the recipient flyer that is attached to this article. All eligible families would receive a check early in December for an equal portion of all donations received to the event. If you need further information, please feel free to contact Community Action and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have! Happy Holidays and may you all have a blessed holiday season!Donor Flyer Participant flyer

Happy 20 year Lawrence Garcia

Community Action of Laramie County Community! Yesterday during our board meeting, a special ceremony was held for our very own Lawrence Garcia. Lawrence has been with Community Action of Laramie County in some way shape or form for 20 years. Our very own board including our board chair Patrick Brady and our Interim Executive Director Tim Ernst presented this award to Lawrence last night. Congratulation Mr. Garcia, very well deserved! #WeAreHere #20yearsdedicated



Community Action of Laramie County’s Kinship Program sponsored a special ceremony on July 29th. All of the active individual members in the Kinship Older Caregiver Program received a check in the amount of $575.00. These checks were made possible due to the CARES ACT to assist families during this stressful time with covid-19.


We were very fortunate to have had Jeanne Scheneman, Program Manager with the Department of Health-Aging Division-Community Living Section has our special guest host. These are the families that have been truly isolated and are at the highest level of danger if exposed during this pandemic. These checks could not come at a better time.




Kinship delivering goody bags for older relatives.

Once again Kinship is delivering bags of goodies to all of our families. For our May gift bags each family is receiving an assortment of snacks, boxes of vinyl gloves, two containers of Lemon Fresh Towelettes, a lesson organizer, an assortment of pens, and a leather bond journal to name a few things. This is all made possible by the generous grant we received from First Interstate Bank. One more thing, each family will also be receiving a $10.00 gift card for Safeway/Albertsons that they can use in their pharmacies. These cards are a donation Kinship received from the Rotary Club of Cheyenne. A giant thank you to our sponsors, because without them there would be no monthly give-a-way during this time of isolation for our families. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!